• CONTRACT #3: 04 April 0224

Country: Republic of Moldova


  • Water supply networks: 45247130-0
  • Sewerage networks: 45232400-6
  • Water supply installations: 45332000-3
  • Water meters: 38421100-3

KfW Procurement No.: 509 738

Project Executing Agency (PEA): Municipality of Cahul (PEA 1) and South Regional Development Agency (PEA 2)

The Municipality of Cahul has received financing from KfW toward the cost of the Project Water Supply and Sanitation in Cahul and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under Contract #3 for Water Supply and Sanitation Cahul Rural (WSS Cahul Rural).

The Municipality of Cahul now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for construction of the following works:

WSS Cahul Rural

  • WS.1 Cahul town water network rehabilitation
  • WW.1 Cahul town sewerage network extension
  • WS.2 Cotihana water network extension (on Optional Basis)
  • WW.2 Cotihana sewerage network
  • WW.1 Construction of WW collection system Cahul
  • WW.3 Crihana Veche sewerage network (on Optional Basis)
  • WS.1 Remote water metering system (on Optional Basis)

The works have to comply in full with national regulations and are to be completed within 18 months, followed by 12-months Defects Notification Period.

The contract(s) will be awarded to the Bidder or Bidders offering the lowest evaluated cost to the Employer, subject to the selected Bidder(s) meeting the required qualification criteria. Bidders wishing to offer discounts in case they are awarded are invited to specify the application of such discount in the “Letter of Bid”.

Bidding will be conducted by means of the International Competitive Bidding procedure with qualification as specified in the KfW Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and associated Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries January 2021 (“KfW Guidelines”).

Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from:

  • Municipality of Cahul
  • Attention: Nr. Nicolae Dandis
  • Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.

All e-mails must be copied to:

  • Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.

A complete set of the Bidding Document is available to interested Bidders in electronic format upon a written request to the above stated contacts.

Qualification Documents and Bids must be submitted only electronically and must be uploaded to a e-submission platform provided by exficon GmbH on or before 04 April 2024 12:00h Moldovan time; for further details refer to clause ITB 22.1 of the bidding document. Late upload of Qualification Documents and Bids is not possible.

Particular attention shall be given to the altered contents of Envelopes in accordance with Clause 11 of the Instructions to Bidders:

  • Envelope 2 (b) FINANCIAL BID

In addition, the original Bid Security must be delivered to the address indicated in the clause ITB 22.1 of the bidding document on or before 04 April 2024 12:00h Moldovan time.

In the first public session, only the Qualification Document and Technical Bid will be opened in the presence of the Bidders’ designated representatives. In the second public session only the Financial Bids of those Bidders who have fulfilled the qualification criteria and passed technical evaluation will be opened

A Pre-Bid meeting and site visit shall take place on 28 February 2024, 10:00 hours (Moldovan time) at the Municipality of Cahul.


Proiectul "Aprovizionare cu Apă și Canalizare în raionul Cahul" il vedeți AICI